Wake up, Kolkata! Dogs being slaughtered in broad day light.

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friends. However, that doesn’t seem to stand true for most residents of the ‘posh’ Diamond City West community in Kolkata. We have gotten some disturbing information on how the residents of Diamond city west community have been treating stray dogs, especially the ones residing inside the complex for years. Newborn puppies were allegedly being drowned to death, carcasses of brutally murdered strays residing inside the complex were often found without any information on who killed them.

Most residents always wanted their complex to be stray dog free and never really did anything to love and feed them. For them, Strays are a nuisance and threat to Humanity. It is indeed funny to know that in a country or city filled with murderers, rapists, clever politicians and psychologically ill beings who are roaming freely on the streets of Kolkata, the residents of Diamond City West found innocent Stray Dogs to be such a huge threat to their lives.

It was Monday 27th May, 2016, when two ardent dog lovers, (one of them being the only exception in the entire Diamond City West complex) who fed the strays daily, found few goons from outside trying to kill them. The killers tied the mouth and legs of the strays, put them in sacks to either suffocate them to death, or slit their throats in the most unimaginable ways. Two women, Monisha Bhakti and Gopa Ganguly immediately took few photographs and a short video as evidence and were able to save few dogs from the hands of those culprits. However, as they were trying to get rid of those ‘dog killers’, they got attacked by a huge number of Diamond city west residents.

Thereafter, those two brave dog lovers asked for help from the NGOs of Kolkata. To their request, many dog lovers of Kolkata, especially women went to have conversations with the residents on how to co-exist and sterilize the dogs. However, they were simply abused and manhandled in front of the police, who did little to protect the victims.  Debashree Ray, a former Bengali actress, an MLA and an avid dog lover who also owns a NGO went herself another day to talk to the residents but they refused to talk to her either. Police at first didn’t accept the FIR against these killings stating there was no evidence although there was enough proof. When the ladies who were assaulted, beaten and threatened went to lodge a FIR, police finally accepted an FIR. While the law suggests that any assault on a woman is a non-bailable offense, it is being reported that bailable FIRs were registered against the residents of Diamond City West who assaulted the women. Despite the FIR being lodged, no arrests have been made so far. In fact, the residents filed a counter FIR stating that they were being harassed by NGOs and immediately got an entire team of police force outside their complex to protect them. The irony lies in the saying, “Money can’t buy everything”, as the residents seem to have bought everything in their favor.


Despite all the struggles, dog lovers are continuing to silently march and fight against the cruelty towards animals. The news is spreading like wild fire and people from all walks of life are uniting throughout the country to protest against the killings of 16 healthy innocent dogs. Time and again, poor strays are being killed and hurt for no fault of theirs. Maybe their only fault was being born on the streets?

In reality, the fault lies in our law where you can easily get out on bail by just paying Rs 50 after killing a stray. Every day we hear and witness strays being poisoned, beaten and relocated in India with little or no action against it. It is time that we all stand up against such crimes and fight for stricter laws on animal abuse. People who are a threat to animals are potentially a threat to fellow human beings too. Don’t you agree?