Cab robbery – you won’t believe who is behind!!

Check out this video of a man trying to rob the cab driver at gun point, with a cop car right behind him. The footage was caught on the cab’s surveillance camera.

This happened in Reading, Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon. A man got into the cab with the intention to rob the driver but he did not realize that there was a cop car right behind the cab! Berks County Deputy Sheriff, Terry Ely who was in the cop car grew suspicious as the car did not move after the traffic signal turned green several times.

The taxi surveillance camera caught Victor Martinez-Herrara, a 18 year old asking money. “give me all your money man, give me everything you got”, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, keep your hands where I can see them,” said Victor, pointing his gun at the cab drivers head.

Ralph Valletta, the cab driver, handed him over 11 dollars, telling Victor that he did not have much cash as he just started his shift. That is when the cop decided to check to see what happened as the cab did not move.

Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht said that he approached the car when he heard someone yelling. He saw Victor in the back seat holding a lot of money, but could not see the gun, at first. As the cop approached the car, Victor yelled “fake gun” and put his hands up after the cop’s order to get on the ground.

Ralph Valletta thanked his stars and was amazed at his own luck. “You’re a lifesaver, oh my God”, he exclaimed. Victor is facing charges of assault, robbery and is being held on 100,000 dollars bail at the Berks County Jail.

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