A few bottles and some cardboard completely changed their lives

Ever wondered how people survive in the hottest places on Earth? Ever wondered how people in remote towns with little money survive temperatures as high as 45 degrees? Check out this video which unravels the secrets of a zero electricity air cooler.

This video brings to you a story from rural Bangladesh where some people live in tin houses. Water supply here is erratic. Surprisingly, many people do not have access to basic electricity. Having a ceiling fan is a comfort here.

All we need is a little innovation in our lives to make is simple. An unassuming and cheap solution was found to tackle this situation. Grey Dhaka teamed up with Grameen Intel Social Business to unveil the world’s first zero electricity air cooler made of plastic bottles. This innovation has been transforming lives in and around Bangladesh.

Some fun facts about the Zero Electricity Air Cooler:

  1. The most interesting thing about this cooler is that it is free of cost. There are no hidden costs or recurring costs. In short, no strings attached.
  2. The Zero Electricity Air Cooler is so efficient that it can reduce temperatures by up to 5 degrees.
  3. This cooler is not only free of cost but also a green and sustainable source of reducing temperature in the house. It is now being adopted by hundreds of households each day.
  4. The Zero Electricity Air Cooler is also a recycling agent. The core material used in making these coolers is a plastic bottle. So one can recycle cold drink bottles or water bottles when making such coolers. Such repurposed bottles are readily available and inexpensive. They are environment friendly too.
  5. This specialized cooler is quick to make. It doesn’t need any mechanical or engineering skills.
  6. The only items needed to build this cooler are a few clean/empty plastic bottles and some recyclable pieces of cardboard.
  7. It can be installed anywhere in the house. Installation doesn’t need any drilling or breaking of the walls.
  8. People’s response to this Zero Electricity Air Cooler is overwhelming. This simple and cost free solution to address unbearable heat is being welcomed with open arms.
  9. The blueprints to the cooler is available online for anyone to download for free.
  10. Such initiatives are also called “solvertising” – work that solves social and environmental problems.