What is it like to SWIM with DOLPHINS?

Ever wondered what it is like to swim with a dolphin? Check out this video of dolphins following a GoPro camera. It is an amazing and a close to real life experience… Well, almost! Mark Peters and his friends encounter an unexpected surprise while they were fishing off the coast of Santa Cruz. A school of White Sided Dolphins visit them. Thanks to the GoPro cameras, they could shoot and capture this beautiful experience.

Dolphins being the “friendly fish” of the sea, love human interaction, as long as they sense no harm. They can be easily trained and they absolutely love being petted. Riding the waves, jumping, and playful fights are common traits that can be found.

Here are some fun and fascinating facts about Dolphins:

  • They are highly intelligent marine mammals. There are actually as smart as apes. Their brain is very similar to the human brain.
  • There are about 40 species of dolphins. They live mostly around the temperate and tropical oceans while around five species are found around the rivers.
  • The Dolphin being a mammal has to come to the surface of the water to breathe. Unlike the mammals on land, they breathe through their blow holes.
  • They have an unusual pattern of sleeping. They sleep with one eye open. It gives rest to one half of the brain while the other half is active. That keeps them away from predators or any sort of danger.
  • The female are are known as “cows” and the males are known as “bulls”. The baby dolphin is known as a calf.
  • Dolphins actually belong to the whale family like orca (killer whale) and pilot whale! The gestation period of dolphins varies around 9 to 17 months, depending on the species.
  • After birth, the Mothers are seen nestling and cuddling their babies. A mother dolphin nurses its calf for about 2 years.