This stomach churning video of the Russian Daredevils climbing Shanghai tower never gets old

We had previously shared a death defying stunt performed by a Russian Daredevils group. Well, in that video they scaled up a 40 storey building but what you are about to watch is even more crazier. It takes nerves of steel to even be able to think of doing something like this. Shanghai Tower is the world’s second tallest building only next to Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest tower in China located in the Pudong District. While Shanghai tower was still under construction, these Russian Daredevils named Vadim Makhorov & Vitaly Raskalov climbed all the way out to the crane located on the top of the Tower. They released the video a few months later. No safety hardnesses were used and


Vitaly Raskalov just 21 years old & Vadim Makhorov 25 years old have already traveled half the world and have scaled thousands of roofs. They makes money by shooting ads and selling photographs. They have a few contracts with companies such as The North Face, Nokia, Nike & Hub Footwear. Rooftop photography is not just their profession but also one of their biggest hobbies.

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