Guess what these horses were caught doing? It’s absolutely cute

Snoring can get very annoying. Isn’t it? But did you ever think that watching something snore would be this cute? Check out this adorable video of these horses fast asleep on a sunny morning and snoring loudly. It will be the cutest thing you will see on the internet today and it’s totally worth it!!

So, it is said that horses are the most noble creatures on earth. It is true, if you think about it. They’ve been around and helped out mankind so much. From making traveling to places easy to fighting battles on the field, they were always around. They were man’s original best friend, technically!

Here, we gathered some very interesting, random and bizarre facts about these beauties!

  • Out of all the land mammals, horses are said to have the biggest eyes. They use their ears, eyes, and nostrils to express their mood.
  • Horses are known to have 360 degree vision. However, they do have blind spots. Exactly in right in front of them and behind them. There are chances of you getting kicked if you stand right behind them as horses kick as a form of self defence when they are scared.
  • Compared to humans, horses have a better sense of smell and hearing!
  • It is a common sight where the horses seem like they are laughing. But it is one of their nose enhancing techniques to know if it’s good smell or bad smell. This is known as “flehmen”.
  • The gender of a horse can also be determined by the number of teeth. The males have 40 while the females have 36. It is a known fact that horses’ teeth occupy a larger space in their head compared to their brain!
  • You will never see a herd lying down at the same time. At least one of them is always keeping a watch to alert the rest of any potential danger.

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