Scenic Journey to the bottom of a lake in Antarctica

Here is the beautiful video of a man’s journey to the bottom of an underground lake in Antartica. It was posted to YouTube by The New York Times. The video was shot by Michael Becker, a researcher at McGill University. The video shot by Michael Becker cannot be described. It is simply beyond words.

Some fun facts about Antarctica:

  1. Scientists from over 28 nations visit Antarctica every year for research activities.
  2. Antarctic site seeing flights were common until the crash of Air New Zealand 901 in 1979. The plane crashed into Mount Erebus. Unfortunately, majority of the wreckage still continues to sit at the accident site. However, rescue operations successfully brought back all the bodies back to New Zealand.
  3. Due to Antarctica’s location at the south pole, it barely receives any solar radiation. This results in extremely low temperatures. Water here is mostly in the form of ice.
  4. Spotting of Meteorites in Antarctica region is common
  5. The world’s first zero emissions polar stations was built here by the Belgian’s.
  6. Did you know that Volcanoes exist in this region? The last known eruption was 2200 years ago. That was determined based on the volcanic ashes found under the ice close to the Hudson Mountains.
  7. Did you know that several nations claim power over Antarctica. However, none of these claims are internationally recognized.
  8. Arctic Conservation Act (1978) prohibits people from taking any plants or animals or living organisms out of Antarctica. It similarly prohibits addition of any plants, animals or living organisms to this region.
  9. Travel to Antarctica is mostly by medium to large ships. Most of the ships are required by law to have a chopper or two onboard.
  10. There are about 70 research stations in Antarctica. Not all operate year round. Some are open during the summer while some during the winter.

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