This artist uses just GLUE and SAND to create an extraordinary sand portrait

Sand Portrait is just another way of creating unique and great art work. In this video, glue and colored sand is used for creating the Sand Portrait of a gentleman. These kind of portrait art is used for recording special memories, creating personality portraits and more. Some artists use only dark gray or black sand. Only the important features of the face are portrayed while trying to give it the ‘modern art’ feel. .

  • Sand Portraits are also known as dry paintings. This kind of art now exists among the tribes of Pueblo and Navajo Indians.
  • Even though Sand Portrait is a form of art, it is respected amongst the Indians mainly for religious reasons rather than artistic reasons.
  • The Navajo name for sand painting is ikaah. Ikaaah in english means the place where gods come and go. It is used for summoning holy people and also for shielding against different threats of nature including witchcraft. The paintings are destroyed after the rituals are complete.
  • The Indians did not allow permanent and accurate copies of the sand paintings to be created for many years. Some of the designs were copied on rugs. Copies were made with errors on it in order to be able to distinguish from the original designs. The reason being that original designs were still considered very powerful.
  • Sand paintings have lately become very popular. It can be seen at museums, fairs, shows and ceremonies. Many major competitions have also started recognizing sand painting as a form of art.

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