Insane road rage in Russia caught on camera

Here is some insane road rage activity captured on camera by Youtube user люблю. Russia in general seems to be notorious for its road rage. Time and again we come across stories of road rage incidents in Russia with videos going viral on the internet. In the video that we have shared here, we can see two groups getting into an argument first followed by fist fighting, gun shots and vandalism. While this is no fun to watch, we are sharing this video so our readers can be a bit more conscious and careful during their next trip to Russia (we hear it’s beautiful).

The guy in the white tee and flip flops seem to be hell bent on doing some serious damage to the car despite shots being fired at him. He twists and tries to tear down the doors of the car until a girl in black pulls him out of the trouble (too late, girl).

Some facts about Road Rage:

  1. Road rage typically starts off with verbal abuse, rude gesturing, cutting off, tail gating and provocative honking. In simple words it is aggressive driving resulting in endangerment of life of all parties involved & also of those around.
  2. The term ‘Road rage’ originated in the late 1980’s due to some freeway shootings that happened in California.
  3. More than 1200 cases of road rage incidents are reported in United States of America alone. It involves mostly men (>95%)
  4. Most countries world wide have very strict laws for road rage. In some countries it is a publishable offense resulting in jail time and high fines especially if it involves vehicular homicide.
  5. Try to defuse the situation by saying a sorry or by trying to drive away if you ever happen to be in an unexpected situation where you’re being intimidated by another driver

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