These Rare haircuts from China will blow your mind

China is well known for its superior technology, fast life, delicious food, culture, religion and maybe even shiny hairdos? Like many other countries, this country has its share of exotic and innovative rare haircuts you may have ever seen. In this video that we present to you today, a Chinese barber is seen practicing the rare art of chopping hair off with hot tongs. Isn’t it amazing that he stays clear off the head during the entire process of chopping hair off using crazy tools? Sounds super risky to me.

  • Chinese are known for their good appearance and these rare haircuts add additional charm to their wonderful looks. Chinese in general are known for their perfect radiance, smooth skin and shiny hair.
  • These rare Chinese haircuts are extremely creative and they give a very traditional appearance.  For many, it is a symbol of pride. They were very popular until the 1980’s but slowly started to fade down since people have started to see it as risk? It has lost its popularity. Hey, who likes the smell of burnt hair? Not me!
  • Did you know that Braided buns are super popular among the Chinese? You can notice that it is quite common for celebrities and the rich to sport one of these braided buns today.
  • Even though China has become an extremely advanced nation today, they are still trying to protect their traditions in the best possible ways. There are still these traditional barbers who are trying to keep their traditions alive. You should be able to find this haircut in any part of the country. Good luck on your next trip to China.

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