Power of words: Woman changes this homeless mans luck

Your thoughts are conveyed through your words. They have the extraordinary power to change our lives. This beautiful video will touch your heart and make you smile despite the sad story behind it. In this video you can see a homeless blind man asking for money. A lady walks by and writes something different on his board and changes the blind mans luck. What made this possible was the power, grandeur and glory of a few extraordinary words.

Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” He was not wrong. An influential tool, they are the very basis of communication and thus there also is a need to be careful with them. Whether it be professional or personal life, our word defines who we are. In our personal lives, words are more from the heart. We seek words of love, inspiration and beauty in our conversation with our dear ones.

In the professional world, our words break or build long term and sustaining relationships. With the advent of social media, words have clearly become the face of communication. With this the business of writing has flourished these days, online jobs like content writing and also the domain of copywriting is standing strong. The content of anything be it a brochure, magazine or news bulletin is the actual pillar holding the final presentation. Earlier the seller was the king, then the customer was the king and today we are in an era where the content is the king.

A few secrets to unlock the word power:

  1. Perspective: Having a positive attitude in every situation bring perspective to our lives. Using words which communicate the same would make a rainy day also a good day.
  2. Vocabulary: Building a strong a steady vocab helps to find the right word for the right time. It can be also used to know synonyms with better usage.
  3. Know your people well: Once we know our friends, colleagues, clients, customers well, we can articulate our points in a way so that we can meet them mid-way.
  4. A good listener is always a good orator: Listening attentively to all conversations whether it’s a personal discussion, a movie or conference can help know how to deal with different situations.
  5. Don’t overdo: The power is effective only when not overdone. It should be used graciously, not too less and not too much.
  6. The art of choosing the right words is the key to unlock this secret. Timing and selection of words to be used is a very powerful tool.
  7. A man well-read is a man well spoken: Reading the newspaper, novels, articles, and blogs gives the leverage to learn and use appropriate words.
  8. Always use encouraging and inspiring words especially when working with teams, it is fail proof formula to get work done.