Meet the politest dog ever known to mankind

Check out the aww-dorable video of this dog who is super excited to get his ice cream from the ice cream truck. He patiently waits for his turn to get his treat.  Pretty sure, that big boy is all set to beat the heat this summer.

Dogs are a gift to mankind. Those happy faces, warm hugs, and unconditional love! Who wouldn’t want those angels around?

In the video, seems like this dog is trained to go get his ice cream from the truck himself. Apart from the usual ‘sit’, ‘roll’ and the ‘hand shake’, dogs can be trained and tamed in a number of ways. From leading the blind to being a part of the bomb squad. These are super creatures made by God.

Here are some fun facts about dogs:

  • As cute and fun the dogs are.. all dogs need training.
  • In a survey conducted recently, most dog owners prefer training their dog at home than take them to some training school. Training school is an opportunity for puppies to socialize rather than get trained. It is going to be all play and no work!!
  • ‘Sit’ is the most common command among our 4 legged friends, whereas, ‘roll’ is the least known!
  • The best time to train a puppy is during meal time. Pups are usually higlyh alert and will patiently listen and follow anything that you say.
  • Rewarding the pup with a treat for good behavior is said to be very effective.
  • Well, bad dog behaviour does not exist naturally. The behaviour of the dog depends on its owner! (It’s me being partial towards dogs. now now)

Do you agree that dogs are known as ‘Man’s best friends’ ? And maybe even partners in crime, at times!


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