Guess what this Monkey got for Christmas?

Everybody loves presents, especially Christmas presents. When we say everyone, yes, it includes animals too. Check out this really cute video of a 5 year old, black-cap capuchin monkey, super excited, anxious and curious to open his Christmas present. He finally opens the gift with the help of his master. This monkey is known to be the most “interesting” monkey in the world. Watch this video to find out what this little buddy received as his Christmas present.

Here are a few interesting facts about Monkeys:

  • There are around 264 species of monkeys in the world. Also, monkeys are classified into Old world monkeys, the ones living in the parts of Asia and Africa and new world monkeys, the ones living in South America.
  • It is quite easy to distinguish between a monkey and an ape. Apes do not have tails.
  • Monkeys express through facial expressions and body movements. They show affection by grooming each other.
  • The spider monkeys get their name from their abilities. They use their hands, legs, and tail to swing across branches. It is a known fact that the spider monkey can hold its whole body weigh with just the tip of its tail.
  • The Orangutans’ are known to have the longest childhood compared to any other animal in the world. The mother nurses its babies until 6 years. The off spring continue to stay for a few years while the female monkeys stay till their teens.
  • The Capuchin monkeys are known to be one of the smartest monkeys belonging to the new world. They are quick learners and can be trained easily compared to other species. They have the abilities to use tools and show signs of self awareness. Hollywood prefers capuchin monkeys for their shoots as they can be easily trained. The famous Marcel from “FRIENDS” is a capuchin monkey!