Campers wake up to find a LION licking their tent

Should we be shocked, simply surprised or feel excited about waking up to find a couple of lions licking water off your tent? We are not really sure how to react.  Anyway, here is the Kgalagadi story:

Francie Lubbe and her partner were camping in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the largest wildlife preserve in S. Africa which happens to be on the borders of Botswana & S. Africa. They woke up to find two lions licking water off their camper tent. This is probably their closest encounter with a lion ever. Apparently, they never felt scared being so close to the lions. In fact, they felt it was a huge privilege to be close to the nature. What is quite fascinating is the camera persons ability to shoot this near perfect video without freaking out.

Some fun facts about Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: 

  1. Kgalagadi comprises of two parks that are on the borders of South Africa & Botswana.
  2. This park is home to some of the wildest animals on Planet Earth such as Leopards, Namibian Cheetahs, Kalahari Lions & Hyenas. A number of species of birds can also be found in this park.
  3. Kgalagadi means ‘Land of Thirst’
  4. Kgalagadi has dry river beds of Auob & Nossob rivers. It is said that these rivers flow only once per century. However, underground water that flows through is what keeps the limited vegetation alive.
  5. In late 2014, Botswana sold the fracking rights of ‘shale gas’ to a UK based company called ‘Nodding Donkey’. The startling fact being that half the area of what was sold to Nodding Donkey was on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Park.
  6. This park contains rest camps for visitors which have all modern facilities. There are also some wilderness camps and we believe this is where the below video was shot. Have fun watching the video.