This Labrador’s affection towards this infant is just extraordinary

An absolutely priceless moment caught on camera here. We came across this video of a labrador puppy babysitting a newborn baby. We think the pup is doing an extraordinary job and maybe even mastering the skill of babysitting like nobody else.

Some fun facts about labradors:

1.) Labradors are also called labrador retrievers. It is one of the most popular dogs in the Americas, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel & New Zealand. Labradors best known ancestor is the St. John’s water dog.

2.) The name Labrador for a dog became popular in 1970. Until then it was referenced as St. John’s water dog.

3.) The American Kennel Club recognizes three color of labradors – Yellow, Black & Chocolate.

4.) Labradors are considered medium to large in comparison with other breeds of dogs. The males typically weight 70 to 80 lb. while the females weigh 55 to 75 lb.

5.) They are great working dogs. Some of their most common working roles are:  therapy, carting, disabled assistance, hunting, tracking & guide dogs.

5.) Their coat is typically short, dense and water resistant.

6.) They were recognized as a distinct breed in 1903

7.) They are a very intelligent breed. Very well known for their good temperament especially towards kids

8.) The typical life span of labradors is 10-12 years.

9.) Their biggest enemy is obesity. They LOVE to eat and that paralleled with their laziness, turns out to be disastrous. They are prone to obesity lot more than any other breed.

10.) FYI: Remember not to bring labrador pups that are less than 8 weeks old

11.) Another interesting fact: Labradors were classified as military working dogs during the Vietnam war but however, our four legged friends were not allowed to return back home after the war. Of the 4000 labradors that were deployed, only 200 are said to have survived and were deployed at other bases. The remaining were either euthanized or simply left behind.