The Amazing recovery of an Injured Dog in India that was almost assumed dead

Here is the story of an Indian Stray dog that walked into someone’s garden and collapsed due to its injuries. On noticing the injured dog in their garden, the owners called Animal Aid who came to it’s rescue. In the video you can notice the volunteer gently petting the pet first, trying to assess it temper and then he slowly picks the injured dog up with bare hands and walks towards the ambulance. The video of its recovery is going to give you goose bumps. When they first looked at the Dog, they thought he was already dead due to the previous injuries, but, the transformation is unbelievable. Thanks to the love and care shown by the Good Samaritans at Animal Aid Unlimited, India. They named the dog, Happy. She is a happy dog that loves to run and play. Happy is showered with plenty of love by the volunteers at Animal Aid.

If you consider donating, please follow this link: Donate for Happy

We are not yet sure if Happy has gotten a new home yet. Truwo is in the process of finding that out and will keep our readers posted via Facebook.

Some Fun Facts about Animal Aid:

  1. Animal Aid Unlimited was founded in 2002 by three Americans named Jim, Erika & Claire. They’re originally from Seattle, Washington and moved to Udaipur to help injured animals. They traveled to Udaipur extensively in the 90’s and that is when they observed the plight of injured animals in India.
  2. They’re now located on a 4-acre land that accommodates more than 400 animals. More than 50 volunteers from across the world can be seen helping the injured and sick animals at the site.


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