The story of an injured Indian Stray dog

Here is the story of an Indian stray dog that got stuck in the gutter. A good samaritan came to its rescue and pulled it out of the gutter and left it on the street. However, the misery didn’t end there since the dog was severely injured by his hind legs. The dog could not even stand up and was lying helplessly on the street in extreme pain. Then came our friends from ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ to help the innocent creature. They rescued this stray dog and gave him a second chance. Check out the video to witness the beautiful transition.

Some facts about the Indian Stray dogs:

  1. Indian street dogs are typically strays that may have got lost from their owners or potentially feral animals that may have never been owned by anyone.
  2. They are also called Indian Pariah Dogs and are typically found not just in India but the entire Indian sub continent (India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Pakistan)
  3. It is estimated that the Indian Pariah dog has a heritage going back almost 15,000 years.
  4. Important to note that not all Indian Street dogs are Pariah’s. Some mixed breeds have evolved over the years.
  5. Indian Pariah is said to be the ‘original’ dog of India.
  6. They are extremely intelligent, active and social.
  7. Very loyal like most dogs & make good watch dogs. They tend to be very territorial and defensive once they accept you as family.
  8. Indian Pariah dogs have very little health concerns. They can be considered low maintenance
  9. The average life expectancy of the Indian street dogs is 15 years.
  10. Indian Pariah’s are average sized dogs. The males typically weigh 20-30 kgs while the females weigh 15-25 kgs.
  11. Grooming is easy since they do not shed a lot of hair.

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