They used Water & Bleach to illuminate their homes. How is that?

This is absolutely what creativity means. Presenting to you a short video shot in a locality south of Manila. Even though the sun is blazing and the temperatures are soaring high, the residents of this community have lived in darkness all throughout their life until one person decided to do something creative & smart to change peoples lives. There was no wiring involved, no expensive bulbs, no electricity, no sophisticated tools and no technology involved. All it required was old plastic soda or water bottles, bleach, water, a cutter and some glue to install these bulbs to the roof. Alfredo Moser who came up with this idea put it in simple words when asked ‘how does it work?’. The answer was ‘Simple refraction of sunlight’.

Some fun facts about this story: 

  • Alfredo Moser came up with this idea during one of the regular power blackouts witnessed in the locality that he lives in.
  • Two caps full of bleach is added to the water to prevent greening effect from Algae. Clear bottles are preferred over colored ones to better illuminate the room.
  • It is free energy. Obviously! You don’t pay a single penny. You instead save on your electricity bill by saving on energy.
  • While the amount of light totally depends on the sunlight, the light from this creative idea measures approximately 40 to 60 watts.
  • This tiny little idea helps reduce the carbon footprint of households significantly.
  • This idea is now widely used in countries like Brazil, Philippines, Bangladesh, Argentina, Tanzania & India to illuminate homes.
  • This movement is known as ‘A liter of light’.

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