Unsuspecting Bike Ride in Hyderabad ends in tragedy

Crazy accident caught on camera in Hyderabad. Truwo is unable to confirm which locality this incident took place in. We just want to share this video and caution you not to violate traffic rules. Life is precious. Be careful and drive safe. You might be rushing to save a couple minutes but that could cost someones life.

Below are some conclusions that we have drawn based on statistics published by Hyderabad Traffic Police:

  1. The overall number of accidents from 2012 through 2015 have remained stable. However, considering the assumption that the number of vehicles may have significantly increased over this period of time, we believe the accident rate may have decreased.
  2. 15-20% of these accidents turn out to be fatal.
  3. Highest number of accidents happen on Friday’s. This potentially could be due to alcohol involved weekend parties that are popular among the younger crowds.
  4. 80% of the road accidents involve two wheelers & four wheelers. Seems like the 80-20 rule or the Pareto prince in statistics stands true.
  5. Victims of the majority of road accidents in Hyd are pedestrians or two wheelers.
  6. More than 50% of the accident victims are aged 20-40 years.

Some of the campaigns that Hyderabad Traffic Police is actively running to curb road accidents: 

1.) Cell Phone driving (avoiding distraction)

2.) Following traffic rules

3.) Wrong Parking

4.) Auto overloading

5.) Seat belt awareness

6.) Triple riding awareness

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