Man jumps into a Lion’s den in Hyderabad Zoo; Absolutely CRAZY

Hyderabad Zoo. In an extremely bizarre and shocking incident, a man from Rajasthan named Mukesh, jumped into a Lion’s enclosure while in an inebriated condition. This incident happened on a calm Sunday afternoon in the South Indian city of Hyderabad. Bystanders were shocked watching Mukesh land just a couple of feet away from the Lions. It is being said that there were two lions (one male, one female) in the enclosure at the time of the incident. In the video it appears like Mukesh is extending his hand out towards the Lions which at one point of time are less than 2 feet away from him. He is certainly the luckiest man on Earth to have survived from the clutches of the Majestic African Lion. He was just seconds away from death. Upon questioning Mukesh, he claimed to have fallen into the enclosure accidentally in an inebriated condition at Hyderabad Zoo. However, the video seems to counter what he said. He can clearly be seen waving his hand at the Lions, trying to provoke the Lions.

A similar incident is reported to have happened in Delhi zoo last year. However, the man who was said to be mentally unstable wasn’t as lucky as Mukesh. He was killed by the Tiger whose enclosure he had jumped into. The Tiger was later tranquilized and the mans body pulled out.

A very similar incident is also reported to have happened at a zoo in Chile just a day or two ago. Sadly, the lions had to be killed as part of the Zoo’s protocol in order to protect the man who jumped into the Lion’s enclosure. The man is said to have been rushed to a hospital with critical injuries.

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