Aerial view of Hyderabad Metro Rail like never seen before


In order to address the traffic woes of Hyderabad owing to increased population as a result of centralized pattern of urbanization, the Union ministry of Urban Development had given the nod for financing the Hyderabad Metro Rail system back in 2003. The bidding process was initially complete in 2008 and the project was awarded to Maytas Infra. However, Maytas Infra failed to achieve Financial closure for the project by 2009. The contract was canceled and request for fresh bids were put in. Subsequently, L&T won the contract for the Metro Rail Project. In the video below, we present to you an aerial view of the Orange line (Nagole to Raidurg).


Fun Facts about Hyderabad Metro Rail: 

  1. Total number of lines: 3
    • Green Line, Miyapur to LB Nagar 29.87 km
    • Orange Line, Nagole to Raidurg 26.51 km
    • Blue Line, JBS to Falaknuma 14.78 km
  2. Number of stations
    • Green Line: 26
    • Orange Line: 24
    • Blue Line: 16
  3. Construction will be complete in two phases. The above lines & stations encompass phase I. Phase II is planned to be an extension of the above lines by an additional 85 km.
  4. The entire project is scheduled to be complete by July, 2017.
  5. Wheel chair access will be provided at all the depots, stations and on the trains.
  6. The coaches are manufactured in South Korea and shipped to Hyderabad. (For those who have never been to Korea: They have one of the best sub way systems in the world with 296 stations connecting the entire city)
  7. Hyderabad Metro Rail will have automated ticket dispensing machines at the stations. Contactless monthly/yearly passes will be sold. NFS payments via Phone are also being planned.
  8. Escalators & Elevators will be provided at all stations. Extremely helpful for the aged and disabled.
  9. All the stations will have electronic boards displaying the current status of every single train. Continuous announcements in multiple languages will be made
  10. The fares will range from Rs 8/- to Rs 19/-