An unusual but beautiful relationship between a Grizzly Bear and its Trainer

Today we bring to you the cute story of a Grizzly Bear named Bart 2 and his 71 year old trainer Doug Seus. Bart 2 is an Alaskan Brown Bear and has appeared in numerous Hollywood television series and movies such as Game of Thrones, Into the Wild & An Unfinished line. Bart 2 along with his Sister, Honey Bump, were adopted by Doug after Bart’s mother was shot and killed by hunters in Alaska.

Here are some fun facts about the Grizzly Bears:

  • The Grizzly Bear is a majestic symbol of wildlife. Grizzly Bears help the ecosystems by distributing nutrients and seeds through the scat, and also regulating the ungulate populations sometimes.
  • Grizzly Bears generally have curved-in faces, a unique hump on the shoulders, as well as long claws that are 2-4 inches long. Both the claws and hump are the traits related to the Grizzly Bear’s outstanding digging ability.
  • The scientific name of the Grizzly Bears is “Brown Bear,” however; they are known as the Brown Bear in only the coastal areas of Canada and Alaska. In the other 48 lower states they are known as Grizzly Bears.
  • The Grizzly Bears eat seeds, roots, grasses, berries, deer, elk, fungi, fish, insects, and dead animals.
  • In Northern America, the Grizzly Bears can be found in Alaska, Wyoming, Western Canada, Idaho, Montana, and Washington.
  • Normally, the Grizzly Bears are solitary animals. Though, you might see them feeding together, where the food is plentiful like at Whitebark Pine Sites or Salmon Streams.
  • Females take care of their cubs for up to 2 – 3 years. When the female Grizzly Bear departs from her mother, she often makes her home range very close to the mother’s home area. Male cubs will generally migrate further away but not too far from its mother.
  • Grizzly Bears eat plenty during the summer to increase adequate fat reserves for survival during the winter.

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