Lost GoPro Camera found after 1 year with an incredible story

Everybody wants miracles to happen and this story sure does prove it! Check out this interesting video of how one family goes on a vacation and lose their GoPro camera and after a year later, another family finds it.

GoPros are known to be the world’s most versatile cameras. The picture and video clarity is nothing like other ordinary cameras. They can be used underwater as well and the camera is build for rough and tough use. So, the story starts when Kyle Puelston and his family – his wife, kids and his sister were swimming in the Temperance River. Everything was going as planned and suddenly during one of his jumps into the river, his GoPro fell from his headband and sank into the river and hit the bottom while he was taking the footage of his family. Kyle thought that he lost his camera and all the memories he shot on it, forever gone.

But then a year later, two brothers were snorkelling down the same river. Chris Flores and his brother were in search of treasures on the bottom of the river and found the GoPro camera. Even though, Chris’s brother found the camera, Chris took it home with him.

Chris thought he found his treasure – a free GoPro camera and was pretty excited. But later he decided to have a look at the video card. When Chris started watching the videos of Kyles, it reminded him of his own family. Chris’s daughter, Morel, a 4 month old, had a heart attack and he was the one who performed a CPR until the ambulance arrived. His daughter survived after the surgery.

Chris said, “If I would have one picture, one video, and I would have lost that – that would have been rough”. Chris knew he had to find the owner of the camera and began to look for some solution. Apart from the holiday footage, there was another video of Kyle with Chicago County Sheriff’s Department, doing SWAT training. Through this Chris was able to track down Kyle.

Kyle indeed was very happy when he got his camera back. Feeling grateful for having gotten his camera back, Kyle took his memory card and let Chris keep the camera.

Isn’t this an awesome story?