Google Bike introduced in the Netherlands: Bicycle or Fiction?

Remember those times when you were just learning to ride your bike and fell down quite often. You wanted a bike that could balance itself? Remember those times when you were too tired to pedal or guide your bike, so you wished it could just do it on its own? Google Bike comes to your rescue.

Your prayers have been answered. Google recently introduced its first self riding bicycle in the world’s largest bicycle riding country, Netherlands. The Google Bike is fitted with sensors that help adapt with the environment and prevent it from losing its balance. It’s absolutely helpful for extremely busy people, because they can now work while their bike pedals them to their destination on its own.

These Google driven bikes are also fitted with a GPS tracker, so you can literally order your bicycle to come and pick you up from wherever you are.

Sounds interesting? Check out the rest of the video to get to know what all the amazement is about.

Here are some more facts about the self-riding bicycle:

  • Google Bike is the first ever self driving bike that was introduced to the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Dutch hold the record of cycling more than any other nation in the world, with the average person cycling over 900 kilometres every year.
  • The sensors fitted on the self riding bikes not only prevent the bicycle from toppling over, but allows it to stop in heavy traffic or during a red light; making it a traffic friendly bike.
  • The recent feature added to Google Bike was that on requesting via a networking device like your Smartphone, it can come on its own to pick you up from your current location. It is also installed with a comfort mode that allows its pedal to rest in the perfect resting direction.
  • Other than Google, a self financed group of 13 undergraduate students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur) are developing a similarly abled self driven bike known as i-bike that would be quite cheap compared to commuting in auto-rickshaws and buses in the sub continent, according to sources.
  • The bikes are slated to be installed with an autonomous braking, driving and balancing mode that is going to be of a great help to not only everyday commuters but also physically challenged people. Furthermore, these bikes will also be installed with a steering hub that would allow for both auto drive and manual modes.