Video of Nepalese boy trying to save a goat is Emotional.

Here is an extremely cute video of a little lad trying to save a Goat kid from being sacrificed at a Nepalese temple. It is not uncommon for people in Nepal to take a goat or a chicken to a temple to serve as an offering to please Gods. Little Adrian is visiting Nepal for the first time with his parents and he befriends this little goat at the temple. When he realizes that his new friend is next in line to be slaughtered, the scene turns pretty emotional with Adrian trying his best not to let go of his new friend. He finally is successful in convincing not to slaughter the goat. Quite an emotional video!


Have you heard of the Gandhimai Festival? 

  1. Gandhimai is a sacrificial ceremony that is held once every 5 years in Nepal. During this event, hundreds of thousands of birds and animals are slaughtered and offered to Goddess Gandhimai to please her and seek her blessings.
  2. The last Gandhimai festival was held in 2009. The 2009 ceremony prompted several protests within the country and also in the international community. Eventually it was a HUGE WIN for the animal right activists. They were successful in convincing the Government of Nepal to put a total ban on the sacrifices made at the Gandhimai Festival.
  3. More than 500,000 animals were sacrificed during the 2009 festival.
  4. Transportation of Animals from India to Nepal for the festival is illegal.
  5. In July 2015, Nepal’s temple trust made a decision to cancel sacrificial killings in Nepal. (At Gandhimai festival)
  6. The GandhiMai festival takes place 100km south of Kathmandu.
  7. The leftover bones and hides of the animals are transported back to India after the sacrifices.


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