The MASSIVE Disneyland Resort in Shanghai is all set for a grand opening

2016 is finally here and the wait is over! We are quite excited as another destination where your ‘dreams come true’ is all set to launch this June in China. Shanghai Disneyland, the theme park will be part of the Shanghai Disney Resort. Check out this amazing video to catch some of the glimpses of this spectacular wonder that is opening shortly!

Let us also tell you all some interesting facts about this magical land!

  • The construction of the park began on 8th April, 2011 and now it is all set to open its gates to the customers on 16th June, 2016.
  • The first Disney land was built in Anaheim, California. The park was opened to general public on 18th July, 1955. Now, Disney World is situated in different parts of the world like Tokyo, Singapore, Paris and Hong Kong
  • There are underground tunnels in Disneyland, that allow the staff and other members to move from one area to another.
  • There are a lot of stores in all the Disney World but all of them are forbidden from selling chewing gums.
  • As crazy as it may seem, a lot of people try to spread ashes of their closed ones on the rides for reasons that you an guess of.

Now here are some facts about the Shanghai Disney Resort.

  • This park is going to consist of different variations of themes pick from the Disneyland’s all around the world.
  • A 11 acre collection of gardens called the “Garden of Imagination” replaces the “Hub”, the centre of the park.
  • This park will also include the largest and tallest Disney Castle called the ‘Enchanted Story Book Castle’. It has features like the underwater boat ride covering the theme of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean
  • This park also has other themed zones like Mickey Avenue, Fantasy Land, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle and many more. Each of these zones have their own attractions. Also, there are lot of stores and restaurants which will entice you in this magical world.