Has Justice been served for disabled traveler who was offloaded from a plane back in 2012?

The Supreme Court of India has directed India’s domestic airliner Spice Jet to allocate Rs 10 Lakhs as damages to a disabled traveler named Jeeja Ghosh for offloading her off a plane. Check out this video to know the insights of the story.

Brief story of what really happened back in the day:

The case dates backs to 2012, when a disabled traveler named Jeeja Ghosh, suffering from cerebral palsy, was offloaded from a flight in a case of extreme insensitivity. After the hearing, the court confirmed that Jeeja Ghosh was not given fair and appropriate treatment by the airline. The court also states that the de-boarding was totally uncalled for.

“On finding that SpiceJet acted in a callous manner, and in the process violated Rules, 1937 and Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), resulting in mental and physical suffering experienced by Ghosh and also unreasonable discrimination against her, we award a sum of Rs 10 lacs as damages payable to her,” a bench comprising Justice A K Sikri and R K Agrawal said.

This incident took place on 19th February 2012, when Jeeja Ghosh, was going to attend a conference in Goa hosted by an NGO named ADAPT (Able Disable All People Together).

The court while giving its judgement said that people who are differently disabled are unable to lead lives normally due to the differentiation in the fields of employment, access to public places and transportation. “A little care, a little sensitivity and a little positive attitude on part of the officials of the airlines would not have resulted in the trauma, pain and suffering that Jeeja Ghosh had to undergo. This has resulted in violation of her human dignity and, thus, her fundamental right,” the bench said.

This case gives a lot of hope for every disabled traveler in the country.

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