Pandas – The ultimate trouble makers

WARNING: This video is an overdose of cuteness. There will be a lot of laughs and “aww”s in the process. If you are up for it then check out this super cute video of these giant pandas creating trouble for the staff who are trying to clean their space.

This video went viral as “Stay away from my basket”. Literally, both these babies love their leaves too much and just don’t allow the space to be cleaned. When the care taker is handling one animal, the other runs to the basket and jumps in. This video was shot at a breeders base in Sichuan, China and has simply amazed a lot of netizens.

Below are some really cool and cute facts about these giant pandas:

  • The word panda is derived from a Nepalese word, Poonya. Poonya means an animal that likes to eat plants.
  • According to Chinese philosophy it is believed that the universe is made out of two opposing forces Yin and Yang (the dark and the bright). The Panda bears are believed to be the symbol of this Philosophy since they have two color highlighted in their fur: black and white. The Philosophy says that the balance of these two colors brings peace and harmony.
  • Pandas are known to be solitary animals. They spend two-thirds of the day feeding and the remaining by just resting. The kind of life you would wish for! Jealous, much?
  • Pandas are a symbol of peace in China The pictures of the bears were used as flags to stop a battle.
  • Pandas are the most expensive animals to keep in a zoo. The cost of maintenance is 5 times more than that of an elephant, which is pretty expensive to maintain.

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