Cecil the Lion’s cuddly grand cubs spotted in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

We hope you haven’t forgotten ‘Cecil’, the southwest African Lion that was shot and killed by Minnesota big-game hunter, Walter Palmer. In a video posted by ‘Africa Geographic’ in Youtube, you can see Cecil’s grand cubs adorably tossing and playing in the forests. They’re led by their mother in the Hwange National Park located in Zimbabwe. The father to these cubs is said to be ‘Xanda’ who is Cecil’s son. After Cecil’s death, it is said that Xanda had started ruling the prime ranges of Hwange. Recently some of the rangers at Hwange had noticed Xanda mating and are quite positive that the cubs in the video are Cecil’s grand-cubs. It is said there are 10 cubs in total at the moment. We hope all 10 cubs survive the rough lands of Hwange. This video was shot by African Wildlife Photographer Graham Simmonds. Continue reading and check out the video.


Some facts about Cecil’s Death:

  1. Cecil was killed by Walter Palmer using a rifle. However, 40 hours ahead of the killing, Walter had injured the Lion using a bow and arrow. The lion was only 13 years old when he was killed by this American big-game hunter.
  2. Palmer has not been charged since he held a permit at the time of hunting. He roams freely in the United States while the two locals that helped him kill the majestic Lion are now facing imprisonment in Zimbabwe. Mr. Palmer is still allowed in to Zimbabwe, however, just as a tourist and not as a hunter.
  3. Cecil was said to be one of the finest Lions in the whole of Hwange National Park.
  4. USD $50,000 was paid by Mr. Palmer to get a license to hunt.
  5. The killing created an outrage in the international community. Politicians, celebrities and public around the world condemned the killing. Subsequently, many countries banned the import of Lion Trophies. Many airlines including the major US airlines such as United, Delta & AA have voluntarily banned the transportation of Lion Trophies on their planes.



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