Adorable Boxer is mad at his master! But why?

Are you having a bad day? Check out this hilarious video of this boxer who had a bad day by having to visit the vet. He refuses to get off the car and can be seen trying very hard to ignore his master. The expression is just priceless!

Boxers are known for their playful, loyal, energetic and intellectual temperaments. This breed is the most popular in the United States, especially among the celebrities. During the 19th Century, boxers were bred for hunting and dog fighting purposes. During wars, they were used as messengers. Boxers are great companion dogs who love to please their owners. They have become popular family pets. Also, they make great guard dogs.

Here, we gathered some amazing facts about boxers:

  • Boxer were originally bred from dog breeds named Bullenbeisser and English bulldogs. Bullenbeissers are now extinct.
  • Boxers are hyper souls and extremely energetic. They need constant exercise.
  • Even though they were used as hunting dogs, boxers are known to be affectionate towards other animals.
  • Boxers are known for their jaw power. They have extremely good biting skills.
  • Boxers having 75% white coats are called “white boxers”. However, they are not considered as a different breed.
  • Originally boxers’ ears were cropped and the tails were docked so that other animals could not get a hold of them during hunting. Boxers being decedents from the bulldogs, which were also used for hunting, had their ears cropped and tailed docked. This practice is not as common today as a lot of owners do not prefer it.
  • The jaw line of this breed is quite different. They have a square jaw known as “undershot”. In simple terms, the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw and is slightly curved. This is the reason why boxers have an adorable smile!!