Adventures on the least populated Continent of the Earth: Antarctica

We have something really beautiful to share with our readers today. It’s an Expedition video from Antarctica, the coldest land mass on Planet Earth. The original video was posted by Dion Ryan. The video makes me want to plan my trip right now (if only that was so easy)! Can’t complain much though since it is easier to get there now than when some of the early explorers risked it all just for the sake of that adrenaline rush. The guy shooting the video and a bunch of other folks flew out of Miami into Chile and then into Punta Arenas. In case you’re wondering where the heck Punta Arenas is, it’s in the southern most part of South America. The explorers took a Chartered Flight from Punta Arenas to their destination. After a rough landing on the ‘dirt roads’ of the Seventh Continent, they boarded an Explorer Yacht named ‘SuRi‘. What happens next is for you check it out.

Some Fun Facts about Antarctica: 

  1. Antarctica is surrounded by Souther Ocean and it is the fifth largest Continent on this Planet.
  2. Temperatures in Antarctica reach up to -89 ºC. About 98% of Antarctica is covered in ice.
  3. Approximately 1000 – 5000 people call Antarctica home. However, none of them are natives. They are probably working at the research stations or our on long term expeditions. There are more than 4000 scientists from across the world stationed there.
  4. Antarctica was found in 1820 by a Russian Expedition. However, not much attention was paid due to the cold weather, isolation and lack of resources.
  5. The Antarctic Treaty System prohibits mining, tapping of natural resources, dumping of nuclear waste and military activities. Some countries have claimed certain territories but, however, none of them are internationally recognized.


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