Video with a strong message: Be responsible, Adopt wisely

Brace yourselves! This video is a Hungarian short film making a powerful statement about adopting children and animals. This video and message will for sure touch your hearts.

The “Gift” is a heart breaking video about a family abandoning one of their own. It is produced by Zoetis, a Hungarian company which sells medicines for pets and livestock. The video talks about both, abandoning children and abandoning pets.

The video begins with a family that just adopted a little girl and bring her into their lives. They love her and adore her. As time passes by, the family doesn’t seem to care much as they’re simply busy with their day to day lives. The video shows the little girl fighting with her sister, disturb her father while he is working and also creating a mess in the room while playing. Tired of this, one day, the father takes her and her stuffed doll on a long drive towards the country side. He throws the doll out the car and when the daughter runs behind to get her doll back, he drives away leaving her behind.

Towards the end of the video, it is not a little girl who is sitting on the road and watching the car go away but in fact it is a little puppy.

This beautiful video gives out the message that people should adopt pets from shelters and rescue homes rather than buying them from stores and breeders. Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. It needs a lot of patience and time. People tend to bring animals into their homes because of their initial excitement of having a new friend. The cut little eyes of the pups can capture anyone’s hearts. However, as time passes by, people tend to ignore the fact that a pet is a responsibility too.